Just Peace

A documentary to end War

The Beginning of the End of War


Too big of a goal?  Oversell?  Should I tone it down?

I don’t think so.

This film can handle it.

Once Just Peacemaking becomes a part of society’s consciousness, just as the philosophies of Just War and Pacifism have, it will become the philosophy of choice.

So, how will this film convince politicians to turn their backs on lobbyists and special interest groups that profit from war and conflict?

This film won’t do that.  We will.

When you find a philosophical paradigm so elegant you can come at it from multiple directions, it’s an easy sell to thinking folks.  Just Peacemaking is logically consistent from the viewpoints of  ethical philosophies ranging from survivalism to Christianity.  We first have to get the word out.  The gravity of the philosophy itself will attract support from groups secular and religious,  economic and environmental,  political and personal.  Eventually, those who feed on war will starve.

Let’s get this film made.

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